Unlocking Unmatched Benefits with ONEXOX PREPAID: Redefining Connectivity

Are you tired of short-lived validity periods and hidden charges that chip away at your phone budget? ONEXOX PREPAID stands tall in the realm of telecommunications, offering unparalleled advantages that set it apart from the rest.

Unprecedented Active Validity
Unlike its counterparts, ONEXOX PREPAID boasts an exceptional active validity period of up to 28 months. Yes, you read that right—36 months! This is the longest period available in Malaysia. Top up at your convenience without worrying about expiration.

High-Speed Internet at Affordable Rates
Experience lightning-fast internet connectivity with ONEXOX at reasonable prices. Embrace data plans that cover wide areas and deliver blazing speeds, ensuring you're always connected, whether for work or play.

SEASONPASS: Your Data Never Expires
With SEASONPASS, bid farewell to wasted data, talk time, or SMS allowances. Carry them forward indefinitely—no waste, no hassle. Top up only when necessary and keep enjoying your accumulated benefits.

Economical Calls for Everyone
Short calls shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. With ONEXOX, calls lasting less than 10 seconds are charged a mere 5 cents, making every conversation cost-effective and convenient.

Family & Friends Rates
Stay connected affordably with 10 special numbers from any network. Enjoy reduced rates for calls and texts to these selected contacts, fostering connectivity without the burden of high costs.

Introducing USER-GET-USER (UGU)
Share the ONEXOX advantage and earn! Introduce ONEXOX to others and receive a 6% commission every time they top up, ensuring that sharing the benefits leads to tangible rewards.

Discover Passive Income Opportunities
Unveil the secret to generating passive income with ONEXOX. Join as a dealer and delve into the world of income generation while providing others with the advantages of ONEXOX.

How to Extend to 36-Month Active Validity?

Step 1: Switch to ONEXOX
Register as an ONEXOX user by obtaining a new number or retaining your current one (MNP).

Step 2: Welcome Deals
Explore and grab any Welcome Deals package within 10 days of activating your SIM card.

Welcome Deals

Step 3: Top-Up Option
If the Welcome Deals package is missed, easily extend the validity by topping up RM50 within 30 days of activating your SIM card.

The ONEXOX PREPAID plan isn't just a service; it's a testament to a commitment to providing a user-centric experience. It redefines convenience, connectivity, and savings, ensuring that users not only stay connected but also prosper in their communication needs.



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