Elevate Your Earnings with ONEXOX

Embrace the Business Opportunity

Ever thought about diving into the telecommunications industry while reaping remarkable benefits? Guess what? ONEXOX SDN BHD opens doors to business ventures within the telecom realm, and here's how you can step into this world of possibilities!

Onexox Dealer

Opportunities Knocking
Did you know ONEXOX invites Malaysians to join its league of Dealers? But first, here's the entry pass:
  1. Malaysian citizenship is a must.
  2. You've got to be 18 years or older.
  3. Become an ONEXOX user (If you haven't, sign up here!)

Calling ONEXOX Dealers
Have you experienced the perks of ONEXOX's SIM card compared to others in Malaysia? If you're nodding, you're a potential ONEXOX Dealer! Imagine endorsing a product you genuinely believe in.

3 Steps to Start Your Business Journey
  1. Register as an ONEXOX user.
  2. Upgrade your ONEXOX account.
  3. Kickstart your entrepreneurial adventure as an ONEXOX Dealer.

Benefits Galore!
Wondering what being a valid ONEXOX Dealer entails?
  • Access to a comprehensive dealer system for new user registration, top-ups, and more. Plus, a 'Dealer Affiliate' system for online promotions.
  • Support from the Dealer Management Team (DMT) for easy registration and assistance.
  • Free weekly training and special programs to nurture dealers.
  • A business recognized by the Shariah Compliance Body.
  • An inheritable business model. Check out the Dealer Career Path at ONEXOX.

Income Potential for Dealers
There's a treasure trove of incentives awaiting ONEXOX Dealers who activate ONEXOX SIM cards—both passive and active rewards from SIM card and top-up sales, user activations, and more.

With minimal costs, overlooking this opportunity would be a colossal miss!

Retail Profits from SIM Card Sales
Earn 22% retail profit per ONEXOX SIM card.

Example: Sell 1,000 SIM cards at RM10 each. That's RM2.20 profit per card, totaling RM2,200. Imagine the possibilities!

Top-Up/Bill Payment Incentives
As an ONEXOX Dealer, get a continuous 10% incentive from every user's top-up or bill payment, as long as they're using ONEXOX services.

Selling 1000 SIM cards seems daunting? Hold on! Just 2 SIM cards a day for 2 years can get you there—730 SIM cards a year, 1460 in two years. The power to succeed is in your hands!

E-Recharge Rebates
Every E-Recharge purchase from AD/MD gets you a rebate between 2% to 5% based on the amount purchased. Example: Sell RM2000 worth and receive RM100 in profit.

More Incentives Await
Apart from these, ONEXOX Dealers enjoy other perks:
  • Activation incentives for ONEXOX BLACK and ONEXOX PREPAID.
  • Incentives for successful MNP NON - CELCOM SIM card registrations.
  • New dealer registration incentives.
  • Ongoing company campaigns with rewarding bonuses for Dealers.

Join the ONEXOX Dealer Family Today!
Two packages await:


A startup investment of RM40 unlocks:
  • Full access to the dealer system (OneSys and oneXapp application)
  • Dealer Affiliate system for remote user registration
  • Eligibility for 1 Tier – 10% incentive


With RM478 startup capital, dive into:
  • 10 ONEXOX SIM cards (Starter Pack / MNP)
  • RM300 eRecharge (Top-ups for sale or personal use)
  • Full dealer system access and more tiered incentives
Become Onexox Dealer



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